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Sefer Binsoa - the book of Binsoa

the formation of
the letters

Mordechai Pinchas Sofer

letters ZAYIN to TET

the letter ZAYIN

zayinani for stam plus

1. One must be careful that its leg not be long so that it doesn't look like a final nun and be invalid... therefore its leg should be no longer than two quill thicknesses. 2. And its head should pass over on both sides so it doesn't resemble a vav. 3. and it should be squared off, with three taggin on its head. 5. Its leg should be a simple [line] underneath it and not broken. 6. And there are those that make the line underneath thin when it comes out, thickening until midway and then thin it until it becomes sharp at the bottom.

the letter CHET

chetani for stam plus

the letter TET

tetani for stam plus

1. Its two legs should be in the shape of two zayins. 2. And the zayin that is on the right side it is right to make the corner of it head curved on the right side . 3. And the zayins should be apart from each other at most a quill thickness. And they should be joined together with a humps (sort of a high roof) 5. And one makes a staff (like a big tag) for it on the head of the left leg and not in the middle.

(This letter is written very differently by the Ari who uses a vav and a zayin, and the sefardim who make the roof one piece without the humps as we are used to seeing a chet in print).

1. The right hand head should be bent a little inwards but not bent a lot 2. and the left head should be like a zayin with three taggin on its head, 3. but the right head should be rounded like a vav. 4. And also at the bottom on the right side should be rounded because its shape is like a kaf and a zayin [combined]...

Mordechai Pinchas

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