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I saw this idea in Jerusalem in a scribal shop in the old city where out of a small window at the front of the shop the scribe would write your name or the name of a loved one on a piece of kílaf as a memento of the visit or as a lovely special and unique personalised gift for someone - perhaps a chanukah present - how else do you fill 8 nights worth? - or just to say mazal tov on a special day

name in frame

Hebrew names are different.  We donít have surnames, you are someone ben (son of) your father or someone bat (daughter of)  your father, though nowadays people often include the motherís name too. The one above that I did for a good friend, for example, reads ĎShendel bat Laybel víSarahí

If you know your Hebrew name or the name of someone you want to give a special gift to, then make sure you give me this information when you are ordering - the paypal fields should allow this.  If for some reason it doesnít work and you have ordered you can also send me the details separately via my email contact soferstam@ntlworld.com

Alternatively if you are unsure of the name or the spelling you can let me know what you think it might be and Iíll try and find it out for you.

If you do have trouble with Pay Pal I will accept a sterling cheque. Because of the personalised nature of this item it will be dispatched within 14 days of receipt of payment as it will take a bit of time to create.  Also, to keep postage down it will be supplied without a frame as Iím sure most people would want to choose their own anyway. Itís only £7.99 including postage and packaging.

If you would like more than one, Iím afraid you will need to order separately as I need to have the details. However of you do want a few for many members of your family then perhaps it is best to e-mail me and weíll work something out!

Place your order by clicking on the buy now button...


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