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the formation of
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Mordechai Pinchas Sofer

letters TSADI to KUF

The letter TSADI

tsadiani for stam plus

The letter TSADI SOFIT

tsadi sofitani for stam plus

The letter KUF

1. Its form is like a bent nun 2. and a yud on its roof. 3. The first head that is on the right that is like a yud its face is slanted a  little upwards  4. and one should join the leg of the yud with a firm join in the neck of the tsadi and should be very careful to join it in the middle of the neck and not below so that it doesn't look like a ayin.  5. And the second head should be like a zayin extended in both directions for one does not extend the neck from the end of the head... [though the Ari disagrees] 6. and the neck should be a little thick and a little long 7. and lean to the right side in order to place another letter by its head  8. and its base underneath should be lengthened initially on the left side more that the two heads 9. and initially it should be rounded at the bottom on the right side like all the bent [letters]. 10. and [it should have] three taggin on the left head...

1. Its heads should be like a bent over tsadi and it is also made of a yud 2. and a nun, but a final nun, 3. therefore its body should be like a final nun.  The required length is that it descend below from the join of the heads initially such that one is able to make a bent tsadi (from it)...


kufani for stam plus

1. Its roof should be equal 2. and one must make a small tag on the left side on its face initially.  And one should the prickle thin so it does not spoil the form of the kuf, so that it doesn't look like a lamed beacuse of this on one side.  In Ma-aseh rokeach [the author] wrote that this is the  reason for moving the tag away from the end of the roof.  3. The right thigh must be bent pronouncedly towards the lft leg like a bent chaf, however it must be much shorter than the roof.  4. And the left leg should be suspended in it and this is like a final nun however a bit shorter.  5. Therefore it head should be thick 6. and it should taper below like a final nun.  7. Initially one shouldn't place the (left leg) further away than the thickness of the roof  8. and initially one should draw the suspended left leg sloping a little to the right side... 9. and if the left leg is only as long as a yud (measuring) from the place of the bend and below it is valid after the event...

Mordechai Pinchas

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