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Tikkun for Megillat Hashoah

Care of Your Torah

Modern Moses

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The Song of the World photo book

East London Synagogue

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Megillat HaY’shuah (the salvation scroll)


Sefer Binsoa - the book of Binsoa

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the trade

Mordechai Pinchas Sofer

If a bad workman blames his tools, a sofer praises them, as all the elements are specially made for he purpose and should be the best quality to beautify the mitsvah, a well cut quill, the finest parchment and the blackest of ink.

From here you can discover the materials employed by the sofer in his craft, how they are made and what makes them kasher.

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 Read about alll the stages of how how to cut a quill then raid your local kosher butcher and have a go yourself!

Mordechai Pinchas

The different types of parchment and how it is prepared.

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Animal sinew for sewing.  If you think threading a needle is hard, try doing it with this stuff!

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Recipes for the blackest of blank inks.

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