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Sefer Binsoa - the book of Binsoa

the formation of
the letters

Mordechai Pinchas Sofer

letters TSADI to KUF

The letter RESH

reshani for stam plus

1. Its roof should be equal initially 2. and one must be very careful that it be definitely rounded at the back in order that it does not look like a dalet and if it appears like a dalet it is invalid...  3. The thigh should be short so that it doesn't look like a final chaf.  4. and its roof should be as long as a bet so that it doesn't look like a vav...

The letter SHIN

shinani for stam plus

1. It has three heads.  Its first head with the thigh that is drawn from it is similar to a vav.  2 and its face points upwards slightly.  3. and the second head is similar to a yud and its face also points upwards slightly.  4. and [there should be] a small prickle on it initially.  5. and the third head must be made with the form of a zayin. 6. with three taggin on it... 7. the left head should initially have its thigh standing upright 8 and one should draw  the thigh from  the first head at an incline downwards until it makes a sharp point.  9.  And the thigh of the second head should also be inclined downwards to thhe left side 10. utnil all the heads are joined below in one place... 11. and the base of the shin should not be wide, nor rounded but sharp so that all three heads stand below on one leg like a kuf and resh.

The letter TAV

tav for stam plus

1. It's roof with the right leg should be like a dalet 2. and its left leg like an upside down vav and there are those that make it like a small upside down dalet... 3. and the left leg must reach upwards [to touch the roof] for all the whole letters must be one body.  4. and the right leg should be short, bacause if it were [too] long, perhaps it would appear... like a final peh.  5. and one should draw the leg inside the taf so the end of the left leg corresponds with the end of its roof.  6. The end of the leg should not protude outside so that one is able to put another letter close to it from top to bottom.  7. Also the roof should not protude further than the leg...

Mordechai Pinchas

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