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Megillat HaY’shuah (the salvation scroll)


Sefer Binsoa - the book of Binsoa

the megillah
stage by stage

first two lines
Mordechai Pinchas Sofer
protected sheet

1. Beginning the megillah on a clean sheet of ruled klaf.
2. The first amud done it is protected with a sheet of tracing paper.

Starting a new sheet is always a bit daunting as you tend to get better as you write and you are always a little unsure of the quality of the klaf and how the quill will work with it.  The klaf I purchased was supplied ready ruled which meant that I didn’t have to mark our the lines with my sargel though had this is not always the case.

3. Two sheets completed .  The work continues.

close up of amud ten sons special amud
two yeriot complete

4. A close up of a later amud.  5. The ten sons of Haman written as a single column. This section has a number of large and small letters and the bottom vav of vyzata is very large, representing the tree that the ten sons were hung upon.  The megiilah took almost a year to write (mostly in the evenings).  I started it the day after Purim and finished it on the following Purim in Harlow Synagogue.

6. For this particular megillah I used a 28 line hamelech tikkun (copyists guide) which meant 16 amudim (columns) and 4 yeriot (sheets).  The sheets therefore needed to be joined together using giddin (animal sinew)

ball of giddin
sewing at the back
seam reverse2 opt

7. The edges are folded over and the stitching done so that it cannot be seen from the front.  

last amud not completed

8. The last amud as you can see has a line missing (actually half a line) which will be filled in later at the siyyum (completion ceremony).

ets chayim
joining to the ets chayim

8. The ets chayim (roller) - only a single one for a megillah. The wooden ring will give shape to the top of the megillah mantle.  The discs are made just larger than the rolled megillah and the length is such that about an inch is left either end of the parchment length.
8. Sewing the sheets to the roller using a five times round method to hold it firmly in place.


9. Then the whole work is rolled round a few times back and forth to help the klaf settle into its rolled position.


10. The rolled megillah is covered with a mantle for protection.  This one was made from a very ‘persiany’ material with reds and golds.

lchol zaro

11. At the siyyum the last words were completed. L’chol zar’o (to all his (Mordechai’s) descendents).

Mordechai Pinchas

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