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Tikkun for Megillat Hashoah

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Megillat HaY’shuah (the salvation scroll)


Sefer Binsoa - the book of Binsoa

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Mordechai Pinchas Sofer

This page is for regular visitors to the site (and there are some!) so you can jump to what’s new (nu?) on the site or what’s been revised lately.


New for Purim - Mordy Potter and the Philosopher’s Bagel - free Purim Shpiel download from Kulmus Publishing

New Kulmus Publishing Catalogue

New book - Megillat B’nay Chasmonay (aka Megillat Antiochus) - paperback or e-book

Facebook albums on fixing Sifrey Torah

Diary 44 - Giddin or not giddin - that is the question?

The upside down nun in Charan - a new old visual midrash

Pittum HaKetoret - ooh that’s a bit spicy.

Diary 43 - check it out - I’m a magiah!

Megillat HaY’shuah now available for Kindle at a reduced price.

Thoroughly Modern Moses now available for Kindle at a reduced price.

Special sofrut crossword created by my son Aryeh. 30 clues to see how much you know about sofrut!

Diary 42 - all about space ... the final frontier

Diary 41 - havchanot tikok part deux - bet you can’t tell

New animated letters - designed for a museum in the USA - now on the site.

Kulmus Publishing - all the publications and new catalogue for download.

Diary 40 - havchanot tinoktastic!

Diary 39 - Blue Peter - nuff said.

New book! Shirat Ha-Olam - The Song of the World. Available at lulu.com

Diary 38 - bookshops and sofrut shops. Like heaven on earth.

Diary 37 - fixing atsey chayyim - yes me doing woodwork.

Diary 36 - digital photography is fab - includes links to some great Tanach based art posters

Diary 35 - my new blog and the Dalai Lama. What more need one say?

An article from ljtoday about a recent siyyum hatorah in Barkingside for Bet Tikvah shul.

My first novel. And yes it’s about the Torah... well kind of. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy meets the Bible in 300 pages of ‘tongue in cheek’ fun and laughter. Click here to buy a print or download copy.

Special Bible quotations calendar for 2008 (unfortunately they didn’t do a Jewish year one!) using a new STaM font I designed recently for some siddur graphics (more on that soon) with beautiful pictures that I took in Canada that fit the subject matter beautifully. Click here to buy one.

I have just published a new tikkun for Megillat Hashoah, the Holocaust scroll. Click here to buy a print on demand copy.

3 diaries about my first Tefillin commission - diary 30 starts the story

Would you like your Hebrew name written on klaf (parchment) or perhaps a special gift for someone who means a lot to you. Click here...

Diary 29 - a multimedia experience with lots of downloads...

A new booklet to help communities care for their sifrey torah. Click here to buy a print on demand or download a copy.

An article about a siyyum haTorah in Birmingham

Nothing to do with Sofrut (as such) but a bit of fun that I and a friend put together called the Torah Song (in homage to the Lama song) on YouTube.

Mordechai Pinchas

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