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Megillat HaY’shuah (the salvation scroll)


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Mordechai Pinchas Sofer

Whilst this site is primarily for education, I do get quite a few e-mails from people wanting to buy S”TaM.  As I have mentioned elsewhere, I am not a full-time sofer so cannot always meet all the demand all by myself.  I do have connections with other sofrim and can generally source both new and second hand S”TaM through these sources, given time.  However availability does vary and work is coming onto/leaving the market constantly. 

Prices range depending on the quality of the scribes hand, the quality of the klaf, the state of the work (if second hand) and the amount of work that might be needed to make something kasher (if it is currently pasul). If you would like me to help you source, check and repair a torah please contact me.

If you are after a brand new Sefer Torah, then I am now acting as socher (agent) for an Orthodox Israeli scribe called Yehuda.  He works very quickly and if necessary can complete a new Torah in approx. 6 months!   Because of this prices are low and I am happy to quote for you if you would like to contact me.  His normal hand is Sefardi (veilish) but has adapted his lettering to accomodate certain Ashkenazi practice in order to make his work kasher to all communities.  Below are a couple of samples of his work.  He can work in Beyt Yosef too!  For pictures of his latest Siyyum Hatorah click here.

Picture Picture

If you would like a Megillat Esther or megillat hashoah for your own personal use or for a synagogue then I could tackle specifically for you or source from elsewhere.  For more on megillot click here. If you would like a quote, please contact me.

Whilst I have done small mezuzot, I tend to specialise in large ones (and thus slightly more expensive than shop bought ones).  These are ‘mehudar’ - with properly formed letters (smaller mezuzot letters tend to be poorly formed by many sofrim).  Click here for an example of a 12 cm by 12 cm mezuzah, and to the right below is a mezuzah in k’tav ari which I have done which is actually 18 cm by 24 cm - okay maybe a little bit over the top, but sometimes big is beautiful!  (Though you would probably need to have a special case made).  Click here or on the graphic to see it in full size and vaguely decent resolution (may take a while to load if you’re on dial up!  I can source other smaller mezuzot at reasonable prices.  I can also provide myself or supply (I have links with other Jewish calligraphers) specifically written prayers or psalms or Ketubot.

Link to big mezuzah full size

Would you like your name or the name of someone who means a lot to you written on klaf (parchment) by a sofer. Click here for a special treat...

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