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Mordechai Pinchas Sofer

Photography and STaM have kind of become inseparable for me over the years.

As a graphic designer by trade, photography formed part of my postgraduate diploma at Goldsmiths College, where I learnt about composition and even how to develop my own black and white shots. Indeed many of the photos of the East London Synagogue in the history I have written were shot in B&W and developed by me in a Goldsmiths darkroom.

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Digital photography however was an absolute boon as a) it allowed me to build this website, b) it allowed me to keep a record of work undertaken and b) it allowed me to take close up photos of problems with sifrey torah for restoration reports for synagogues and also to show before and after shots of the restoration undertaken. Checking a torah amud by amud is quite a lengthy process but made practical by being armed with a blackberry for notetaking and my Canon Sureshot for providing visual examples.

Also, having recently created a STaM type font for the new siddur, I've been mixing this in with photos I've been taking and quotations from Tanach, further bringing the text to life.

I'm a very visual person (hence my interest in visual midrash) and whilst it isn't true that with a Torah a 'picture paints a thousand word' as pictures aren't allowed and there are many thousands of words, digital photography has allowed me a more visual outlet within a sofrut framework.

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Mordechai Pinchas

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