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diary of a sofer - part 35

Mordechai Pinchas Sofer

So as I mentioned in my last diary the new MRJ siddur has been taking up large slabs of my time of late. Iíve still been doing a lot of sofrut, but it has been a bit all encompassing, partly because of the length of it and partly because of the multiple variants (see the advertisement for the siddur right) that appeared recently in the press. Very exciting but actually a huge amount of effort involving some:
750 pages
18 separate sections
Erev shabbat having 36 drafts!
A regular, deluxe, pocket-sized, large-print extract editions
2 dozen graphic devices
3 dozen illustrations
New stuff and old familiar friends

jc ad for siddur opt

The siddur was well received by the committee and the rabbis and I got a very nice e-mail from the head of the Movement, Rabbi Tony Bayfield.
"It is simply stupendous - and very, very beautiful. I don't think that there is another person in the world who could have produced something that looks so good and is, at the same time, so user friendly. The Movement will, I know, thank you."
Here's hoping the congregants find it as equally user-friendly. Indeed one person who is now the proud owner of a siddur that has lots of my sofrut and graphic designs in caught me a bit by surprise as I opened the Jewish Chronicle the week after publication...


I have been fixing sifrey and doing a lot of checking of late and also have returned to one of my first loves... that of visual midrash.

So finally - though I guess you could call this diary a blog, one of the earliest blogs so to speak- Iíve set up an actual blog for those sorts of things that just occur on the spur of the moment or do not merit a whole web page on the site.  Iím trying to cover off all the visual midrashim and scribal idiosyncrasies that appear each week - parsha by parsha.


takes you there. Already have a few postings and more to come.  Some of the better things may get collected up and posted here on the main site but might be a while, so check it out.

Mordechai Pinchas
Sofer STaM
(Marc Michaels)


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