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Mordechai Pinchas Sofer

One does not become a sofer overnight as there is much to learn even before the one puts quill to parchment. From here you can visit all of my diaries and see how my training as a sofer has developed and lots of interesting things that Iíve learnt along the way.  Read them in order or jump to the sections that interest you:

Link to diary 1

1. How it all began, a visit to a scribe and some odd homework

Link to diary 2

2. Getting to know the materials and a demented squirrel

Link to diary 3

3. Amalek - well and truly blotted out!

Link to diary 4

4. Mikveh magic and the perennial problem of contact lenses

Link to diary 5
Link to diary 7

5. Dozens of rules and thatís just one letter!

Link to diary 6

6. The ganze megillah for real

7. A few decorative flourishes

Link to diary 8

8. Black bin liners and piles of parchment

LInk to diary 9

9. Pitfalls and problems, but practice makes perfect

Link to diary 10

10. Finally finishing the megillah, a celebration in Harlow

Link to diary 12
Link to diary 11

11. Mitsvot - gotta do 'em all - number 613!

Link to diary 13

12. But I didn't even get woodwork 'O' level!

13. Iím in a GCSE textbook - scary eh?

Link to diary 14

14. The second megillah starts here...


15. Megillah oddities and the boat-pole of Libruth...

Link to diary 16

16. Wrapping up the megillah...

17. ĎSomeones got to do ití
 - writing Gittin.

link to diary 18

18. Barbers and scribes...

link to diary 19

19. Spot the difference...

link to diary 20

20. A scribble of scribes...

link to diary 21

21. Megillat Hashoah - a tail/tale...

link to diary 22

22. Megillat Hashoah 2 - large and small and barely there at all...

link to diary 23

23. Megillat Hashoah 3 - more blotting out!

link to diary 24

24. Megillat Hashoah 4 - shedding a tear...

link to diary 25

25. Megillat Hashoah 5 - a broken rainbow...

link to diary 25

26. Itís kinda like a cello...

link to diary 26

27. 2 pipers piping... 1 scribe a scribing...

28. Feesh and Cheeeps...

29. A multimedia experience...

link to diary 29
link to diary 28

30. To fill in Tefillin 1

31. To fill in Tefillin 2

32. To fill in Tefillin 3

33. Art in Action and tents with moats...

link to diary 30
link to diary 31
link to diary 32
link to diary 33

34. Digital print is fab...

calendar of the year thumb

35. My blog and the Dalai Lama ...

36. Digital photography

37. Fixing Atsey Chayyim

38. I love bookshops

39. No sticky back plastic in sofrut ...

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atsey tiny
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40. Havchanot tikoktastic!

41. Havchanot tikok - part deuxtastic!

42. Space - the final frontier


43. Check it out Iím a magiah!

44. Giddin or not giddin - that is the question?

Images and text © Mordechai Pinchas

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