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Megillat HaY’shuah (the salvation scroll)


Sefer Binsoa - the book of Binsoa

the formation of
the letters

Mordechai Pinchas Sofer

letters DALET to VAV

the letter DALET

daletani for stam plus

the letter HEH

hehani for stam plus

the letter VAV

1. Its roof should be long 2. and its leg short for if its leg is longer than its roof it will be like a final [lit. open] chaf... 3. Initially the leg must be a simple line [inclined] a little to the right. 4. And that it should have a a small tag on the top of its roof on the left side. 5. One must be very careful with the squaring [of the letter] so that it doesn't look like a resh... 6. and initially it is not enough only to rely on a sharp angle behind it, rather also there should be there a good heel because its symbol is two locked letter vavs.

1. One must make for it at first a small tag above on the left side. 2. And at the back one should be careful initially that it is squared like a dalet and not rounded like a resh. 3. One does not have to make it a heel like with a dalet only that it will be a sharp letter (however the custom is to do this - kol sofrim) 4. And the stroke inside the letter should not be close to the roof, rather there should be a division between them so that an average person can perceive it well from a Sefer Torah...5. ... the stroke should initially be thin above and a bit fatter below like yud [upside down]. 6. and initially it should slant a little at the bottom, to the right side and not to the left lest it resemble a tav. 7. And the length of the stroke should be no less the length of a yud with its underneath prickle...

vavani for stam plus

1. One must make its head short and no more than the thickness of a quill so that it does not look like a resh. 2. And its leg should be as long as two quill thicknesses so that it doesn't look like a yud but do not make it too long lest it looks like a final nun to a child. 3. And for this reason it is also good that its head is rounded on the right side , so it doesn't resemble a zayin and be invalid. 4. And its face should be straight and not sloping. And its leg should be a simple [line] underneath, not broken in the middle. It is also good that the thickness of the leg should reduce until it sharp at the bottom.

Mordechai Pinchas

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