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Sefer Binsoa - the book of Binsoa

the formation of
the letters

Mordechai Pinchas Sofer

letters AYIN to PEH SOFIT

the letter AYIN

ayinani for stam plus

1. the first [part of the] letter should be like a yud 2. and initially its face should incline a little upwards.  3. and its body should be lengthened below it in its standing a little (for if it is lengthened [too] much at an angle one would not be able to put another letter near the ayin)  4. and in it there should be a zayin standing straight  5. and touching the thigh below its half [way point] 6. and one should make on top of the zayin three taggin...


the letter PEH

pehani for stam plus

1. initially  it must have above on the right side a corner on the inside 2. and also outside it should be like a small corner. 3. and it should be      at its back so that it be rounded outside  4. and similarly below should be rounded outside and like all the bent letters that must be rounded at the bottom initially but inside it should have a corner so that the white space inside is the form of a bet.  5. and it should be one and a half quill thickesses wide so

that one can suspend inside it the stroke so that it does not touch the body of the letter (and not how some scribes are accustomed to to make a heel outside on its side like this (see right) and say that this is better to make the white bet inside because this is really a broken letter)...


the letter PEH SOFIT

peh sofitani for stam plus

1.. One should make it initially with a corner above like the bent [form] has a corner above  2. Also it must be long initially  that you would be able to make from it a bent peh if you bent it over.  3. but after the event if the right leg against the place of the point and below was [at least] the full length of a yud then this is enough...

Mordechai Pinchas

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